Life is an adventure. Explore Cuisine provides a world of diverse and exciting foods to discover - and the nutrition to energize every step of the way.

Clean Ingredients

Our plant-based products are crafted with protein-packed, gluten-free ingredients, like edamame, black bean and chickpea. Plus they are sourced from the best farms in the world. Many of our pastas are only one ingredient.

High Protein

Our pastas are an easy way to get the protein anyone needs — whether they’re vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians or on-the-go parents. Our Black Bean Spaghetti contains a whole 45 grams of protein!

Gluten Free

Everything we produce is certified 100% gluten free.

How It All Started

Explore Cuisine began with our founder, Joe Spronz, and his daughter, Mika.

Like many kids, Mika was an incredibly picky eater. And like many parents, Joe worried that his daughter’s diet lacked the necessary protein and vitamins to help her grow.

Joe searched the world to find something Mika would eat — something tasty, and nutritious. Something packed with protein, fiber and all the good-for-you nutrients young kids need. That’s when he found pasta made with protein-rich edamame beans. When Joe brought the pasta home to his daughter, Mika loved it.

And so, Explore Cuisine was born. Joe set out to make his own line of products that his daughter would enjoy — food that was simple, delicious, and also full of protein and nutrients. Now, we share those products with you, too.

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