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Organic Chickpea Risoni

In Italian “Riso” means rice and “Oni” means more than. Combined, these words name our innovative product Organic Chickpea Risoni, made from only one ingredient, so no additives! It’s naturally high in plant-based protein, a good source of fiber and gluten free. Perfect for risotto, salads and soups.

Ingredients: Organic chickpea flour.


4 reviews for Organic Chickpea Risoni

  1. Elaine Desjardins

    Love it

  2. J.

    Fantastic! Probably the best chickpea pasta product we’ve enjoyed so far. Can’t wait to see how it performs as a leftover dish!

  3. Carol Knapp

    Just made the most amazing dish with this, it was so easy, cooked as per instructions. Then I used a can of stewed tomatoes and a couple of teaspoons of pesto and a chopped onion, two cloves of garlic, let that all simmer until the onions were cooked, added the Chickpea risoni and oh my goodness so easy and so good.. oh forgot I also added kale from my garden I had dehydrated with some nooch.

  4. Linda K

    I made tabbouleh with the chickpea risoni. The flavour was mild, nutty and paired well with the rest of the ingredients. The texture was firm and kept well in the fridge for three days. Organic and gluten free, with 19 grams of protien per serving – it’s a winner in my books. Will be buying more. Highly recommended.

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