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We make food that’s


Super tasty and easy.

Good for you

Nourishing, low carb and high protein.

Good for the environment

Certified organic, non-GMO and plant-based.

It’s that simple.

We believe that everyone can make a big impact, even by doing something small. That impact starts with what you eat.

That’s plant protein, made simple.

Our Core Values

Plant-powered Protein

We believe that plants have power — a lot of it. After all, animal-based foods produce nearly twice as much greenhouse emissions as plant-based ones. That’s why we make pasta that’s more than just a pasta. We make it easy for you to make simple swaps that have a big impact.

Field to Fork Protein

We make easy-to-make food that’s good, good for your body and good for the planet. Our gluten-free pasta is high protein, high fiber. Plus organic and non-GMO. That means that Explore Cuisine is better protein.

A Better Future

We make it easier for you to incorporate better protein into your diet. And we’re also working toward 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.